Grant Interest Form

Grant Interest Form Instructions

The Grant Interest Form is intended to provide us with information about your organization and the proposed grant you would like the Terpstra Foundation to make to your organization. By law, the Foundation can only make grants to 501(c)(3) organizations and government entities.

Once you have completed the Grant Interest Form it will automatically be submitted to the Foundation's office. If you would like to send any additional information that explains the grant in more detail, that should be submitted to the Foundation by e-mail to

The Foundation's Board of Trustees will review your Grant Interest Form and will send an e-mail to the contact person's e-mail address informing your organization of whether or not the Foundation would like you to complete a Grant Application Form or if the Foundation is declining to move forward with your grant request. If the Foundation requests that you complete the Grant Application Form, it will be attached to the e-mail sent to the contact person's e-mail address. We request that you complete the Grant Application Form within 30 days and submit the Grant Application Form and all required attachments electronically. Contact us at with questions. 


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